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We meet every Monday afternoons (school terms only) for both ChoreoCosmos practise as well as ChoreoCosmos sacred dance liturgy practice. We have also, more recently, included in our session practise work from the 'Prayer Sequence' as prepared by Robert Powell.

To check the details for forthcoming Mondays, please go to our discussion forum.

Everyone is welcome to attend and participate.

Monday afternoons

3:30 - Foundation Stone Meditation 4th Verse
3:45 - Prayer or Inner Radiance sequence

4:05 - Choreocosmos Planet-Zodiac practise

Choreocosmos sacred dance liturgy:
4:35 - Contraction/Expansion ->

Choreocosmos sacred dance liturgy
(Virgo -> Sign/Planet)

5:00 - Prayer ->

5:15 - end

Location: Michael Centre, 37a Wellington Park Drive, Warranwood (in the outer East of Melbourne)